Brother Computerized

The computerized sewing machines proposed by Brother have simplicity in their DNA, so they are particularly suitable for beginners and have a unique solidity combined with various creative options. Direct and easily understandable commands allow quick access to all functions and to get the best out of the machine. Like the simple and essential Innov-is 10A model with the shuttle to select the stitch of a unique immediacy. Or the model NV35, with fast stitch selection by shuttle or the more complete NV55 with 1 alphabet with letters and numbers to mark the linen.

Brother Sewing Machine Innovis 10A Brother Sewing Machine Innovis 10A 2
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Brother Computerized

Brother Sewing Machine Innovis 10A

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The Brother sewing machine Innov-is 10A is one of the products that we prefer, compact, simple, complete and, not bad, cheap. Whether your prevalent hobby is the patchwork or sartorial clothes, it's extremely strong and apt for all the sewing lovers of any level.
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