Toyota Overlockers

Japanese Toyota overlock machines, the best in reliability at an incredible price! The SL3335 overlock machine sews up to 1500 stitches per minute with 1-2 needles and 2-3-4 threads, makes rolled hems simply by pulling back a tab and is as silent as a few others. Includes differential feed and adjustable stitch length and foot pressure for professional results regardless of the material to be finished. It is certainly one of the most appreciated overlockers by our technical department, because unlike other models, it is hardly necessary to carry out repairs even after intensive and continuous use.

Toyota SL3335 Overlocker Toyota SL3335 Overlocker 2
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Toyota Overlockers

Toyota SL3335 Overlocker

€299.00 €499.00
Toyota Overlocker SL3335 overcasts with 2-3 or 4 threads and is ideal for trim and finishing on any fabric, simplified threading allows immediate use. The differential feed allows you to sew on any fabric avoiding wrinkles and ripples. It 's definitely one's of the most silent overlock machines we have ever experienced.
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