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Come and discover the range of ironing systems selected by SewShop, you will be thrilled! Like the Bieffe steam generator irons with an copper boiler and irons with a full aluminum plate and super vaporization.

The Blu Vapor iron is our strength: at the cost of a commercial iron, an handmade care ironing system totally Made in Italy with copper boiler and steel body.

Or the Blu Vapor Maxi model, the top of the range with pressure gauge that always allows you to control the pressure inside the boiler, regulation of the amount of steam dispensed to avoid that particularly delicate garments are stained and even if not visible, an industrial pressure switch that delivers always the steam at the maximum of the recalled power even after hours of use.

In addition, heated aspirating-and-blowing ironing boards for a quick and professional ironing.

It has been calculated that the use of a heated and aspirating table reduces the time needed for ironing by 40%, avoiding having to turn the garment and instantly fixing the fold.

Michelini brand products are all 100% Made in Italy.

We have also steam presses and vertical ironers all on offer at discounted prices.

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