Sewing is our passion

We have been operating in the sale of sewing machines for over 60 years, always providing direct assistance on the products sold

We began to study and understand the needs of those who have the hobby of sewing, as well as those who sew professionally, since the 50ies when there were few brands on the market the design studies were still at the beginning.

If the first ten years were essentially dominated by Borletti, a pioneering company in the sector, the 60ies were marked by the birth of numerous other brands destined to rewrite the history of sewing.

It was the era of the exploit of Necchi, a company with which we immediately collaborated in the sales and service sector, but also the Salmoiraghi and what would become a status symbol of tailoring: the legendary Singer.

Then Vigorelli, Seiko, Pfaff, Alfa, Husqvarna, Elna and Bernina arrived: it was such a massive competition that every manufacturer felt the need to specialize more and more to create machines, year after year, more sophisticated and avant-garde.

It is in this climate that Brother knitting machines were born, considered immortal, so that, even today, thanks to an effective assistance service and a meticulous regeneration, there are still those who use them even though they are now real own antiques.

It is in the context just described that we have been able to gain a solid experience in the sector thus arriving to select the products offered on SewShop, the e-commerce dedicated to the world of sewing and house items founded by the Morvile family.

There are no more precious tradition and experience than those that manage to keep up with the times, combining the value of the past with the potential of the future.

Despite the highly competitive prices, our family's policy is to guarantee quality and reliability at all costs, even if this means a lower mark-up on sewing machines and accessories.

Sewshop: the sewing e-commerce that count on the customer service

Not only the best sewing machines on offer and all the convenience of an easy and intuitive e-commerce, but also a super functional customer service.

The SewShop operators are in fact available not only for problems related to the purchase but also for explanations and advice regarding the complex world of sewing.

The sales and assistance service, which for over half a century has distinguished our family, has in fact evolved, giving rise to an e-commerce where the advice is still personalized and exhaustive, just as it was in the stores of the past.

If the user has a problem, it is our motto, solving it is a duty. With an experience of over sixty years, we can say that the unexpected events that are not solved after a chat among professionals are very few.

Sewshop: the assistance that makes the difference

SewShop can count on the workshop that, for years, has been the flagship of the family company.
In this super-equipped headquarters of hi-tech sewing, sewing machines of every brand and technology are daily repaired thanks to the presence of a staff of qualified experts in the sector.

Although the mechanisms have become increasingly sophisticated, the working principle of sewing machines is always the same with more or less relevant variables between each model.

These variables, which our technicians know perfectly, make the difference.
Faulty or malfunctioning machines are repaired directly in the company's workshop and returned as new in record time to the customer who will no longer have to wait for the exaggerate times of non-specialized sales points.

Thanks to a very efficient direct assistance service, we are able to halve delivery times and provide the user with quick, concrete and exhaustive answers.

That's why our e-commerce is different: in addition to offering you the best technologies at the lowest price and a wide range of sewing accessories, it has the experience and all the technical assistance you need.

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