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Drawings XII Pro is the Top software for all embroidery machines
New Sketch feature turns photos into beautiful embroidery designs
The gradient effect is just one of the endless possibilities that Drawings XII Pro offers you
Automatically create unlimited floral designs for your embroideries with Drawings Pro XII
Drawings XII Pro is the Top software for all embroidery machines
New Sketch feature turns photos into beautiful embroidery designs
The gradient effect is just one of the endless possibilities that Drawings XII Pro offers you
Automatically create unlimited floral designs for your embroideries with Drawings Pro XII

Drawings XII Pro for Embroidery Machines

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Drawings XII Pro is a multi-functional software with a fully customizable interface.

You'll find impressive list of features, designed to be used for graphics designing, textile and screen printing, embroidery, computerized quilting, crafting with cuts and stencils as well as fabric painting.


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Drawing XII Pro is the most complete and advanced version, ideal for you who are looking for the best.

It includes all the tools of the other versions, but includes many new possibilities for creating amazing embroidery.

Like the brand new automatic creation of floral designs that dynamically fills the chosen areas with compositions of leaves and flowers.
You can use the available patterns or set your own floral designs to use for fills with unlimited combinations.

Or the "gradient colors" function to manage the gradient of the colored threads in the design, blending them together with different densities.
The gradient effect varies the density of the dots so as to create beautiful shades.

With Drawing XII Pro it is also possible to fill the shapes with spiral designs or with a sunburst effect.

Convert any photo into a beautiful Sketch stitch masterpiece

The latest innovation in this embroidery software is the Sketch stitch technique.
With Sketch, a bitmap image can be transformed into a charcoal sketch using just black thread or an assortment of gray threads.
The technique is suitable for use mainly on white fabric and covers approximately 20% of the area, making it versatile for embroidery on delicate materials such as t-shirts. Inverted versions of Sketch on dark fabrics are also supported.
This additional feature expands the range of customizable options for our valued users.

Create drawings with gradient effect

Color blending is now possible with the new gradient fill feature.
By blending two or more overlapping shapes with gradient fill, you can create beautiful gradient color effects that completely change the look of your design. You can control the percentage of the gradient and easily change its direction.

Automatically creating floral fills

This is a revolutionary new feature that dynamically creates floral designs and area fills to apply to your designs.
You can combine this feature with your own designs and even set your own floral designs to use in floral creation.
The combinations are unlimited.

Create designs with curved stitches

The “curved stitches” function guides the embroidery stitches following the curvature of the drawing with very realistic results.
The effect obtained is that of a moving embroidery thanks to the sinuosity of the lines.
You can add curve directions on step filled objects to give them a wavy look.
Just apply a normal straight direction and drag it from the center to make it a curve.
The stitches automatically follow the curvature of the design.

Compared to DRAWings PRO XI, the XII edition has more than 50 new features. Below are the most important:

This edition of DRAWings PRO allows you to transform an image into a black and white drawing with a "sketch" effect. The great advantage of being able to use this function concerns the fact that the design will be generated to cover only 20% of the total area in order to save on embroidery thread and obtain an ideal design for embroidering on delicate or stretch fabrics such as t-shirts. If an image created with paintStitch requires 120,000 embroidery stitches, the image created with Sketch will only require 30,000. The design is designed to be made with a single black thread, to also minimize thread changes and processing time, but you can choose up to 7 shades of grey. By acting on the brightness of the image or on the thickness of the pencil you obtain different results and change the number of points (the darker the image, the more points will be needed)

In the previous edition it was not possible to modify an embroidery created with the Cross-stitch, Photostitch, PaintStitch functions. These images were generated in a rectangle that could not be changed. With the XII edition it is possible to cut part of the image, mask it with a shape, rotate it or skew it. Placing a large enough object on top of the image will now generate a hole in the image to remove the overlay. These functions (including the Sketch function) also support png files and manage transparency by generating embroidery stitches only where there is the image without creating a background as happened previously.

New revolutionary and intuitive tool to determine the starting and ending point for the embroidery of each object. The tool works on each individual color layer. The entire execution sequence is shown graphically and the user can intervene to modify it. It is possible to change both the start and end point, but also modify the order in which the program has decided to embroider the various objects. Furthermore you can decide where and whether to add/remove the thread cut.

The properties window has been completely redesigned to be more practical, thanks to the groupings by property type that can be collapsed to leave more space in the work area. furthermore, property windows are not shown when they are not needed.

Already in the XI edition it was possible to fill an object with any shape (e.g. a circle full of stars). The novelty introduced in the XII edition is the ability to automatically generate copies of the shape used for filling which are resized and/or rotated to best fill the entire available area.

In the XI edition the floral filling was generated starting from a main branch from which many smaller and smaller branches started. In Edition XII, a new type of floral fill has been added, more similar to a climbing plant that unravels more evenly to fill the available space.

In this XII edition it is also possible to insert the text vertically.

With the new manual mode, the fills and outlines of objects are separated so you can manage them separately. You can then decide for each object to insert/exclude the thread trimmer or to apply the forced stop of the machine. When you insert a new object it is no longer placed at the bottom of the sequences but is added immediately after the currently selected object. When you delete an element of the drawing, the selection does not disappear and the object of the sequence following the deleted one is immediately selected. All connection points between objects are now visible

In this edition the possibility has been added to select colors also by color code based on the brand of the yarn, by description (e.g. green, yellow, etc) or by RGB code.

With this function added in this XII edition the program, upon user request, can adapt any design to the frame automatically.

Unlike the previous edition it is now possible to show and hide objects when designing an embroidery. This function is really very useful: when you need to modify some objects in the background it can certainly be convenient to hide the objects in the foreground.

With DRAWings PRO XII it is possible to modify the density even of embroidery files (raw) that have not been designed with DRAWings. You can change the density of a section without changing its size by up to +- 25%.

In this edition, a function has also been added that allows you to reduce excess nodes in a path. This function applies only to curved knots and not to square knots to still maintain every edge of the shape.

Main features

  • Redesigned sequence manager with new functions
  • Find and organize drawings through File Browser
  • Fit drawing and hoop in the software viewing window
  • Additional units of measurement
  • Automatic centering of the design in the frame
  • Dark theme compatible with new Mac OS features


  • Create drawings using Drawings built-in Designer
  • Converts any vector design into embroidery
  • Supports .AI .EP format up to CC version
  • Import embroidery files as they are and edit them with the new tools
  • Combine embroidery files with vector files
  • Use CorelDraw as a drawing tool to create embroidery (only through copy and paste option)
  • Create monogram embroidery

Embroidery Tools

  • Complete text tools (add text, edit text trajectory, edit text and more)
  • Ability to use abbreviations in text drawings
  • Rectangular arrangement of filling/kaleidoscope
  • Ability to rotate the rectangular arrangement during drawing
  • Circular arrangement of filling with or without equidistance
  • Self-edge option with satin stitch and topstitching technique
  • Self-edge option with possibility of removing holes
  • Adds new objects as clones
  • Auto-sequence control
  • Manual embroidery sequence using the sequence panel
  • Sequence panel - grouping objects by color
  • Converts open fonts (.otf) to embroidery
  • Create designs to cut out for appliqué or other uses
  • Direct connection to the most common cutting plotters on the market
  • Ability to save cutout designs as .plt, .svg, or .dxf files
  • Ready-made framed monograms

Editing tools

  • Set the default fabric, embroidery machine and hoop
  • Modify/transform setting
  • Possibility to modify point
  • Object transformation (move, resize, rotate, skew, duplicate)
  • Align, unfold and autosize objects
  • Ability to group, separate, combine and fragment
  • Rectangular selection and lace selection with a single click
  • Preset selections (select all, no selection, invert selection)
  • Selection by color
  • Selection by point type even without any object selection
  • Set node/edit shape
  • Improved embroidery quality together with a new fabric category
  • Ability to separate all grouped objects at once
  • Advanced appliqué options
  • Adjustment of cutting plotter parameters
  • Cutting plotter mat selection

Export drawings

  • Save designs in the most common embroidery file extension on the market
  • Export to Dropbox
  • Export the work as a vector file (svg file)
  • Print the created design
  • Export the embroidery image in realistic 3D preview
  • Export .VP3, .MST and .SEF file formats

Embroidery optimization

  • Select the design between 8 different embroidery parameters
  • Automatic cutting of overlapping shapes
  • Maintains the order of the stacking sequence
  • Professional quality of embroidery
  • Delete thread cuts between object combinations
  • Designs and embroidery included
  • Added and improved quilting options
  • Ability to mirror any design
  • Embroidery transformations
  • Specify the appliqué contours, position and default fastening
  • Offset control for fill stitch and satin stitch in series
  • Direction control for satin, satin and piping objects
  • Splits satin and piping objects

Work area

  • Support for high DPI (resolution) monitors
  • Workspace setup with option to save preference
  • New welcome page with video tutorials
  • Build-in design browser to search and archive your designs
  • Selection techniques
  • Complete customization of the work area according to your preferences
  • Opens multiple designs in tabs
  • Realistic 3D realistic preview with editing capabilities
  • Inertia/kinetic sliding
  • Slow redrawing - embroiderer simulation
  • Selection between different fabrics
  • Design with one of the most popular frames on the market
  • Multi frame support
  • Display with rotation and frame movement
  • I use guidelines, ruler and grid for accurate shape transformation
  • Complete color panel
  • Harmonious colors to create beautiful combinations
  • Select colors from the color chart
  • Countless colors available on the palette
  • Color search on palette
  • Automatically matching actual thread color
  • Name for short in the name or color palette
  • Intelligent self-backup system
  • Automatic software update

Types of files you can import:

Vector files

  • Corel Presentation Exchange (.CMX)
  • Encapsulated Postscript (.EPS)
  • Enhanced windows metafile (.EMF)
  • Scalable vector graphics (.SVG)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.AI)
  • AutoCAD (*.DXF)
  • Windows metafile (*.WMF)
  • HP GL file (.PLT)

Image file

  • Bitmap files (.BMP, .DIB, RLE)
  • Jpeg files (.JPG, .JPEG, .JPE, .JFIF)
  • Gif files (.GIF)
  • Windows metafile (.WMF)
  • Tif files (.TIF, .TIFF)
  • Png file (.PNG)
  • Icon file (.ICO)

Save the designs in the most common embroidery files on the market:

  • .ZHS (Necchi))
  • .fcm (Brother plotters)
  • .jef / .sew (Janome)
  • .jef+ (Janome JEF+)
  • .dst / .dsz / .dsb (Tajima)
  • .tbf (Tajima TBF)
  • .exp (Meico Expanded)
  • .sef (SEF xp)
  • .sst (SWF)
  • .ksm / .pcs /.pcm (Pfaff)
  • .xxx (Singer)
  • .tap (Happy)
  • .M3 (Juki)
  • .100 (Toyota)
  • .mst (Laesser)
  • .txt (PC Quilter)
  • .qii (Statier Stitcher)
  • .pec / .pes (Brother / Baby Lock / Bernina)
  • .hus (Husqarna)
  • .vip (Husqvarna Viking)
  • .vp3 Husqvarna Viking/Pfaff)
  • .shv (Viking Designer 1)
  • .cqp/ / .cmd (CompuQuiter)
  • .1?? (Mitshubishi HD)
  • .U?? (Barudan FDR)
  • .Z?? (ZSK TC)
  • .exp (Bernina EXP)
  • .ebd (Sun Star)


  • 3,000 designs to embroider
  • 198 CMX Vector Files
  • 203 NGS embroideries
  • 466 DRAW embroideries
  • 145 SVG Vector Files

Look on the website of the software house to see all the features

Requires Windows 10 and 11 updated with the latest Service Packs or MacOS



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