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Overlock machine with free arm, differential and automatic tensions Necchi N4035

Necchi N4035 Serger

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The new Necchi N4035 overlock machine is solid, silent and vibration-free, which makes working on this machine even more enjoyable.
Threading is beginner-proof while the more experienced ones will appreciate the simplicity with which it is possible to quickly change the color of the threads.

To switch from one type of seam to another just turn the knob on the right side of the machine and the tensions are automatically set, which is convenient for those who are not very handy withtensions and also for those who don't want to waste time with adjustments.

It cuts, sews and finishes with 2, 3 and 4 threads and make rolled or roulé hems only by moving a pin.

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With the Necchi N4035 overlocker it is easy to obtain professional serging seams.

The system that allows you to choose the type of seam to be made automatically sets the threads tension, guaranteeing optimal results on any fabric.

It is possible to create perfect finishes with the 2-threads overlock, suitable for very delicate garments.

Even the rolled hem with 2 threads is the best on silk and thin materials.

With 3 threads instead it is possible to realize the classic serging seam, the most used in absolute.

Also in this case it is possible to realize the rolled hem with 3 threads for fabrics with thin to medium thickness.

There is a guide-hole in thread holder and on the foot to insert a string or fishing line to create beautiful wavy edges for ceremonial, dance dresses, etc.

Naturally also the flat seams with 2 or 3 threads, very valid as decoration perhaps using particular yarns, are sewn perfectly by the N4035.

Finally we have the classic 4-thread overlock stitch for underwear and corsetry.

The machine allows you to make professional finishes on any material from cotton to elastic fabric, from fleece to coats without any difficulty.

Sew and finish like a professional sportswear, dance costumes, technical clothing, vinyl and anything else with the new Necchi N4035 with the guarantee of always perfect results.

The free arm allows to finish even difficult access points such as cuffs, fuseau hems and any tubular part without any difficulty.

The adjustment of the differential transport of the fabric by a comfortable knob is simple and fast and allows to optimize the flow of the most problematic fabrics such as elasticized and fabrics that tend to curl.

The LED light illuminates the large work surface without shaded areas. The knife can be easily disabled for decorative stitching or when you want to be sure not to cut the fabric.

Taking care of the Necchi N4035 is also easier. The simplified internal mechanism is easy to access and even easier to maintain.

The machine after the test to make sure of its perfect functionality by our technician will be left threaded to make it easier to thread.

Main features of the Necchi N4035

16 sewing programs
Differential transport adjustment from 0.6 to 2
Cutting width adjustment from 3 to 7 mm
Stitch length adjustment from 1 to 4 mm
2-thread converter
Automatic tension adjustment
Threads tension with automatic release
Manual upper knife engagement / disengagement
Presser foot pressure adjustment
Lower looper facilitated threading
Color tracing for easy threading
Free arm
Led light
Sewing speed up to 1300 stitches / minute
Thread cutter
Snap-on quick release foot
Thread-guide with telescopic antenna
Carry handle
Crochet cover opening / closing

Accessories supplied:

Set of needles
Bobbin anti-slip net (4 pieces)
Spare upper knife
Bobbin stopper (4 pieces)
Needle threader
Allen screwdriver
2-thread converter
Bobbin holder (4 pieces)
Anti-dust cover
Container to collect clippings
Accessory box

Recommended for
Intermediate sewing

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