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Pfaff Performance Icon Professional Sewing Machine
Performance Icon IDT feeds all type of fabric from the top and bottom for perfect stitching every time
The threads stand of Performance Icon allows you to use larger spools
Pfaff Performance Icon Sewing and Quilting Machine Pfaff - 4
Pfaff Performance Icon Sewing and Quilting Machine Pfaff - 5
Pfaff Performance Icon Professional Sewing Machine
Performance Icon IDT feeds all type of fabric from the top and bottom for perfect stitching every time
The threads stand of Performance Icon allows you to use larger spools
Pfaff Performance Icon Sewing and Quilting Machine Pfaff - 4
Pfaff Performance Icon Sewing and Quilting Machine Pfaff - 5

Pfaff Performance Icon Sewing and Quilting Machine

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The Performance Icon is perfect for sewing enthusiasts who are looking for a Pfaff sewing machine that allows them to express their creativity to the utmost.

Quilting or home decor, if sewing is your passion or profession and you are looking for a sewing machine that sews with the highest quality and with the features necessary to achieve professional results, the Pfaff Performance Icon will help you to realize the projects that until now you could just imagine.

In fact it is among the most appreciated models by our customers and our technical staff.

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Among the sewing machines, the Performance Icon is the symbol of creativity and Pfaff performances! The future of sewing has already begun!

The feeling that already gives in the moment of removing it from the packaging is of maximum solidity and consistency.

It is definitely not a light sewing machine but if what you are looking for is stability during sewing and a mechanical strength that can withstand hours of work without problems this is the right product for you, both for creative and professional use.

The best fabric feed, the best choice for quilt enthusiasts.

Pfaff technology offers a sophisticated detection technology that, combined with the original IDT system, with transport of the fabric from underneath and from above, ensures optimal transport on any material.

The lighter and more delicate fabrics such as silk will not fade, striped or square fabric will perfectly match and curved seams will be the easiest to make with a few pins.

The IDT system technology is perfect for gripping and transporting small pieces that are sewn into the patchwork and allows maximum precision and professional results.

The Pfaff sewing machine Performance Icon uniformly transports single or multiple layers and effortlessly sews many layers of denim fabric.

Creativity must not be limited

Incredible space! To the right of the needle there are 31 cm of free space on the side and 14 cm upwards. There are nearly eight centimeters between the needle plate and the sewing head. This allows you to work comfortably around the presser foot, both when guiding the fabric and when mounting a needle or foot. The tablet-shaped display of the Pfaff Performance Icon is as large as the space around the needle.

Creativity is spontaneous

Sometimes it must be fast: the perfect stitches are sewn by the Icon using the sensors and without having to waste time with the settings.
With 1050 stitches per minute, quick results are guaranteed during sewing, thread feeding always guarantees the right amount of thread for each stitch.
Replacing the presser foot, needle and needle plate is simple.
Another function to save time is found when winding the lower thread: the additional winding motor allows to fill the bobbin also through the needle.In case of problems, it is not necessary to search the instruction manual first, the Pfaff Performance Icon offers instructions through images and videos directly on the display.

Creativity is individual

The Pfaff Performance Icon can be adapted to your personal preferences: stitches, cutting settings or the structure and look of the display are just some of the options.
Exclusive sewing techniques for very special effects: ribbon stitches, floating decorative stitches and ray embroidery stitches are only available from Pfaff, all with a maximum width of up to nine millimeters.
Over 500 stitches are already included, but this fabulous machine can do even more: existing stitches can be changed with Stitch Creator or completely new stitches can be created.

Cutting-edge design

Reduced to the essentials. The buttons are slightly recessed. No accidental pressing, but still a quick reaction when pressing the button.
The work area is largely illuminated by LEDs and without shadows.
The new sensor-controlled IDT system guarantees even better results: the sewing machine determines when the second motor must be turned on, therefore the punture power is always maintained and even many layers of thick material can be sewn without problems.
The Pfaff Icon Performance can be operated simultaneously with the foot control and the Start/Stop button and thanks to the built-in thread-pass, even the use of large bobbins is not a problem.
Metal threads are also processed without problems.

Interactive functions

The machine can be connected to the MySewnet cloud via WiFi. Save updates or points, all of this can be done without cable or USB stick.
A direct connection is also available, so you can work without WLAN.
CreatorCue: with this app all help texts or instruction videos can be called up on the tablet, even if the sewing machine is not active.

With its long arm and built-in 522 sewing programs plus 6 characters to choose from there is no sewing work that this machine cannot handle.

Plenty of space to the right of the needle (up to 31 cm) for large quantities of fabric.

With just one touch, the machine fixes the stitch, raises or lowers the presser foot, cuts the threads of the needle and bobbin or lowers the feed dogs, all to facilitate you in sewing.

The color touch-screen shows you the stitches in real size and allows you to customize and combine them, to see the effect already on the screen.

The simple and intuitive interface has been designed to facilitate you and you have 30 memories to save your work.

Ultimately a solid and reliable Pfaff professional sewing machine that will support you for years in your sewing jobs.

Market Leading Features

  • Largest working area at 12.2in width and 5.1in height (310mm and 140mm)
  • Multi-touch tablet-screen with swipe, pinch and zoom functions
  • Innovative lighting designed for the brightest work space and the most even light disbursement
  • Strongest needle piercing power, ideal for thicker and multi-layered fabrics
  • Larger stitch plate with markings on both sides up to 2-1/2in (63.5mm)
  • Largest height under sewing head at 3in (76.2mm)
  • 10.1in (257mm) display screen area, a 68% increase
  • Strongest needle piercing power, ideal for thicker and multi-layered fabrics 


Pfaff Exclusive Features

  • All-new custom graphical user interface
  • Pfaff Performance Icon Help Center with tutorials, techniques, quick start guide, and user’s manual
  • Unique app for connectivity: Pfaff CreatorCue app
  • Exclusive ActivStitch system for ideal thread portioning
  • Enhanced Original IDT system for perfect sewing
  • Change Placement And Size Of On Screen Tools
  • Exclusive stitch technique–Triple Ribbon Stitches (10)
  • Exclusive stitch technique–Floating Stitches (23)
  • Exclusive stitch technique–Radiant Stitches (13)
  • Exclusive stitch technique–Lace Edge (6)
  • Exclusive stitch technique–Stacking Stitches (30)
  • Rubberized storage compartment
  • 360-degree machine redesign with ergonomic styling
  • Full-length handle for balance and easy to carry

Accessories included with Pfaff Performance Icon Professional Sewing Machine

  • 0A - Standard presser foot for IDT system
  • 1A - Fancy stitch foot for IDT system
  • 2A - Fancy stitch foot
  • 3 - Blindhem foot for IDT system
  • 4 - Zipper foot for IDT system
  • 5A - Sensormatic buttonhole foot
  • 5M - Manual buttonhole foot
  • 6A - Embroidery/Sensormatic free-motion foot
  • 8 - Maxi stitch foot
  • 1/4” quilting foot for IDT system
  • Bi Level Guide Foot for IDT system

  • Stylus Thread net (4)
  • Screwdriver
  • Seam ripper
  • Brush
  • Thread cone holder (2)
  • Spool cap, large (2)
  • Spool cap, medium (2)
  • Spool cap, small (2)
  • Multi-purpose tool
  • Bobbins (6)
  • Large spool holder
  • Bobbin case for straight stitch left (black)
  • Knee lift
  • Straight Stitch Needle Plate
  • Multipurpose tool/Button reed
  • Foot control
  • Eu power cord
  • Needles

Pfaff Performance Icon Stitch Chart

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