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Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker
Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker
Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker
Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker
Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker
Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker

Pfaff Admire 1000 Overlocker


Pfaff Admire 1000 is a practical 4-thread overlock machine with 16 different stitches and ease-of-use features.

Both the left and right front covers open to provide complete access to the looper area, making threading super easy. 

We also send it already threaded and ready to use to start immediately.


100% Safe, since 1958 in the world of sewing


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The new Pfaff Admire 1000 overlock machine is easy to use and allows you to finish as a professional designer or seamstress.

With the differential feed two rows of feed dogs eliminate wrinkles and adjusting the settings you can create beautiful waves or folds.

It has many practical features, including 16 points of adjustable length, rolled edge is ideal for lightweight fabrics, silk scarves, and for wrinkling pillows and towels.

1,300 stitches per minute, maximum speed and perfection on any fabric: velvet, wool, terry cloth, silk, denim, cotton or stretch fabric the serger Admire 1000 has the right stitch for everyone and is ideal for creating customized fashion.

4/3/2 Thread Capability for 16 Stitches
16 different stitches to sew seams, seam finishes, decorative seams and edges, rolled edges and more. 

Full Access Looper Threading
Both the left and right front covers open to provide complete access to the looper area, making threading super easy.

Integrated Seam Guide
Adjustable guide to help you sew perfectly straight seams and edges.

Differential feed
Perfectly even seams - no stretching or distortion on knits or puckering of finer fabrics. This feature can also be used for gathering.

Safety Lockout
Prevents the machine from sewing when the front cover is open. 

Already threaded right out of the box for an effortless start to overlock sewing.

Lay-in and Color Coded Threading
Simple lay-in thread tensions and color coded threading paths makes it easy to thread.

Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure
Ensures smooth fabric feed for a wide range of fabric thicknesses.

Adjustable Overedge Cutting Width
Sew neat edges on a wide range of fabric types. 

LED Lighting
Optimal visibility with LED lighting. 

Adjustable Thread Tension
Perfect stitch formation for your thread and technique. 

2-Thead Converter
Sew 2-thread seams, seam finishes and hems by simply engaging the 2-thread converter.

Adjustable Stitch Length
Set stitch length for various fabrics and techniques.

Waste Tray 
Attachable waste tray for catching fabric trimmings.

Thread Cutter
Convenient built-in thread cutter to trim thread chain.

Movable Knife 
Disengage the upper knife for specialty overlock techniques.

1,300 Stitches per Minute 
Sew up to 1,300 stitches per minute and save time.

Universal Standard Presser Foot
Universal Standard Presser Foot comes on the machine.

Snap-on Presser Feet 
Snap-on presser feet for more creative possibilities.

Built-in Accessory Storage 
Store your extra needles, converter, stitch finger, and lint brush neatly inside the front cover of your overlock machine.

Accessories included with Pfaff Admire 1000:

  • Needle pack
  • Screwdriver
  • Tweezers
  • Thread unreeling discs (4)
  • Lint brush
  • Knife blade (for the stationary lower cutter)
  • 2-thread converter
  • Thread spool nets (4)
  • Waste tray
  • Dust cover 
  • Electronic speed control (Eu type plug)

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