Pfaff Sewing Machines Elastic Foot with IDT
Pfaff Sewing Machines Elastic Foot with IDT
Pfaff Sewing Machines Elastic Foot with IDT
Pfaff Sewing Machines Elastic Foot with IDT

Pfaff Sewing Machines Elastic Foot with IDT

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The specific elastic foot for Pfaff sewing machines with Idt system guides, stretches and perfectly fixes elastic from 6 to 12 mm wide in place. Specific for active clothing, lingerie and other sewing techniques where you need to insert elastics.

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Set the numbered wheel on the elastic foot by aligning the number with the small metal arrow. The higher the number, the more the elastic will be stretched.
Insert the elastic into the opening of the longest slot on the foot base.
Rotate the roller until the central groove of the roller coincides with the width of the rubber band so that the elastic flows straight.

Insert the elastic foot on the Pfaff sewing machine. Set the machine for a zig-zag point better if multiple. Adjusts the stitch width based on the width of the rubber band and the stitch length based on the quality of the rubber band and the amount of collection required.
Enter the IDT system.
Place the fabric under the foot and sew. The fabric will collect while the elastic is stretched and sewn on the head.

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