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Singer S0105 Overlocker Singer - 1
Singer S0105 Overlocker Singer - 2
Singer S0105 Overlocker Singer - 3
Singer S0105 Overlocker | Stitch chart
Singer S0105 Overlocker Singer - 1
Singer S0105 Overlocker Singer - 2
Singer S0105 Overlocker Singer - 3
Singer S0105 Overlocker | Stitch chart

Singer S0105 Overlocker

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The Singer overlock machine S0105 has been designed facilitate you in the sewing process and to give you time to have fun and create!

Thanks to its simplified functions, like the crochet threading and the led light that illuminates the working area, even a beginner can approach to sewing without problems, speeding up and taking her talents to an upper level.

With just one passage, the Singer S0105 allows you to cut, sew and finish your creation.

Also, if you work with delicate garments, it allows you to make rolled hems with just two threads.

You can easily deactivate the upper knife in order not to cut the fabric.

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The Singer overlocker S0105 speeds up and takes to an upper level your sewing.

With just one passage it trims and finishes carefully both outside and inside your sewing project.

You can easily deactivate the upper knife in order to be sure you won’t cut the fabric.

Advantages of Singer S0105 overlock machine

Facilitated threading
The threading system of the Singer S0105 has been designed for those who are not acquainted with threading from scratch an overlock machine.

Adjustable feed dog
The adjustable feed dog guarantees perfect stitches and offers high control on every kind of fabric, from the light and delicate ones to the heavy ones. Feed dog handle is easy to activate and adjust, in this way it’s more easy to set in the best way the feed dog and obtain professional finishes.

Rolled hem
This function takes this overlock machine to an upper level compared to other similar machines of a cheap class. You can pass to the rolled hem stitch without having to remove the presser foot or the needle plate, but simply moving the specific lever on the “R” position.

Adjustable presser foot pressure
Do not underrate this feature: a seam can be professional or second-rate depending on the pressure exerted by the presser foot on the fabric.
Being able to adjust it depending on the kind and thickness of the fabric will help you to obtain a more precise result and your sewing work will acquire value.

Free arm
The Singer overlock machine S0105 has also a free arm, that allows to sew small surfaces and those details like the hem of the trousers, necks and sleeves.

The Singer S0105 realizes these overlock stitches:

  • 3 thread overlock stitch: this is the most used stitch when you only need the finish, you can obtain decorative results with special threads.
  • 3 thread rolled hem stitch: you can create rolled hems to add a charming finish for table linen, scarves and many other things.3 thread flatlock stitch: use the flatlock stitch on every project for a decorative touch.
  • 2 thread overlock stitch: it allows to sew with 2 threads in order to realize professional finishes on the lightest fabrics and on knitted fabric, and it’s possible to obtain a 3,5 mm or 5,7 mm hem, depending whether you use the right needle or the left one.
  • 2 thread rolled hem stitch: even the 2 thread rolled hem allows you to have a perfect hem on the most delicate garments, where the 3 thread one could be too heavy.

Main features:

  • For the first time on the market, a LED on the lower hook that increases the visibility in order to facilitate the threading
  • Various kinds of stitch ensure a perfect stitching on every project: invisible hems, rolled hems, flat hems, hem finishing.
  • It sews up to 1.300 stitches per minute, ensuring a professional speed for faster results.
  • It sews with 4-3-2 threads and 2-1 needles.
  • Feed dog of the fabric
  • Built-in rolled hem (you have just to move a tab)
  • Adjustable stitch length
  • Adjustable stitch width
  • 2 LED lights, one on the working area and the other illuminates the hook area
  • Detachable upper knife
  • Comfortable free arm: you have just to extract the accessory box when you have to overcast on cuffs, trousers’ hem and other round seams impossible to realize with a flatbed sewing machine.
  • Facilitated color coded threading
  • Foot control (Eu type plug)

The machine, after being tested by our technician in order to verify its perfect functioning, will be left threaded in order to facilitate you in threading.

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questions Philippe on 2024-03-12 13:54:09

La machine est elle bien pour une alimentation electrique 220v pour la France?


Salut Philippe, la machine fonctionne avec une puissance de 220V. Merci

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